Argosy's Truly Unique Multi-Memory Now Available!

March 2, 2000

Multi-memory Quadrasound is a foremost and unique hearing instrument. There is none other like it in the industry. It innovatively delivers four distinct and patient-accessible circuits - Linear Class D, Manhattan II, WDRC and ICL - in one instrument.

Multi-memory Quadrasound hearing instruments are precisely programmed to each patient's specific needs by the hearing health professional. Programming is done quickly, in the hearing health professional's office, using the speed and efficiency of computer control. Each instrument has up to four preset memories to address the unique listening situations the patient is likely to encounter. For example, one instrument can have a setting for quiet, noise, extreme noise, and multidimensional listening such as enjoying music. The hearing health professional selects the best circuit for the situation and fine-tunes it to the individual needs of the patient. The patient then has an array of customized settings to choose from through the use of a push-button switch or small remote for quick adjustment to the specific hearing occasion.

Argosy's Multi-memory Quadrasound represents the maximum utility for bringing unparalleled amplification face-to-face with the variables of diverse listening conditions. It is a practical, everyday problem-solving product that addresses the divergent listening needs of on-the-go patients. It is the perfect answer for the tailored solutions these patients demand.

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