Argosy Introduces M2DG Digital Technology!

July 10, 2000

Argosy is proud to announce the availability of M2DG Digital technology in our smallest CIC (Completely-In-The-Canal) through full-sized BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing instrument models! This fully digital technology provides two-channel WDRC processing with two memories. M2DG can be used in combination with Argosy's VECTORTM directional/omnidirectional microphone for enhanced capabilities to address the challenge of listening in noise.

M2DG allows the hearing health professional to easily tailor each patient's compression strategy. The hearing health professional can individually designate compression characteristics in each channel-curvilinear or linear and averaged or fast attack/release times. Fine-tuning capabilities include a crossover frequency control and separate controls for setting the gain and compression ratio in the low and high channels.

M2DG digital hearing instruments are the latest in an extensive line of products Argosy has geared toward enhancing patient's ability to hear under divergent listening conditions. It has been well demonstrated that overall satisfaction with hearing instruments is directly related to the number of listening situations in which the wearer's needs are met. Argosy's multisituation products can make a meaningful difference in a hearing health professional's business and in the lives of their patients.

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