BTE (Behind-The-Ear) Hearing Instruments Now Part Of Argosy's Product Line!

May 1, 2000

Argosy's new line of BTE instruments provide a wide array of technologies-from fully digital models (see M2DG release) to linear. Other offerings include non-programmable WDRC and OCL to provide comfortable listening in quiet and in noise as well as super power instruments to address severe or profound hearing loss. Mini and slim mini BTE sizes are part of the line.

Argosy has a long history of being one of the industry's leading manufacturers of custom-made instruments that fit entirely within the ear. Argosy has a well-established reputation for excellent service. Now Argosy's customers need look no further when they encounter a situation where the physical configuration of an ear or amplification requirements make a BTE instrument desirable. Argosy customers can now enjoy the same attention to detail and care they have received since 1979 on ITE (in-the-ear) and ITC (in-the-canal) orders on their BTE instrument orders!!

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