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Argosy Fitting Software

New Software

    Easy Access to Reference Materials That Enhance Your Expertise

  • Quickly address patient concerns by clicking the Suggest Advice Icon to display adjustment tips

  • Immediately access a circuit's ANSI specifications by clicking the Information Icon

  • Easily navigate from screen to screen in the new Help File format

  • Use the time saving Wizard to help you find your way around

Patient Counseling A Click Away
Preview for your patients how each instrument looks when worn in the ear with on-screen photos in the Model and Circuit Selection Screen

Your Fittings

    Faster And Easier Programming

  • Click on the Copy To Other Ear icon to quickly duplicate adjustments made in one ear to the other

  • Activate the Binaural Summation function and the software will automatically calculate target curves reduced by 3 dB for the summation effect

  • Make the software work the way you prefer by creating your own default settings for fitting formula, display/fitting algorithm, target curves, real-time programming and more!

  • Enjoy faster processing and programming with the accelerated screen redraw and expanded graphic capabilities of 32 bit software

The current version of the Argosy Fitting Software is version 3.1

Minimum Computer Requirements for Argosy Fitting Software

Check To See If Your Version Is Up-To-Date!

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