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Argosy 3-Channel Clock
3-Channel instruments allow independent adjustments to be made in high, middle, and low frequencies (adjustments are made by your hearing health professional).
A 3-channel instrument has extensive fine-tuning capabilities.
This instrument has made it possible to help many people who were previously told they could not be helped by a hearing instrument.

The 3-channel circuit was designed by Argosy. The micro-computer circuit is produced by Medtronic Micro-Rel, the world's leading manufacturer of heart pacemakers.

Manhattan II Adaptive High Pass Filter
The Manhattan II automatically adjusts amplification of the bass sounds.
It performs well in both high and low noise environments.
The Manhattan II automatically reduces amplification of loud bass sounds (for example car horns, restaurant, crowd, or street noise).
The Manhattan II provides full amplification of the bass sounds in quiet to provide rich, full sound.
Argosy holds a United States Patent on the product and United States and international trademark registration of the name.

Manhattan Is One Of The Industry's Strongest Trade Names
When this circuit was previewed at a National Hearing Aid Society Convention, Argosy held a contest to come up with a trade name for the new circuit. An audiologist asked her husband for a name suggestion. He looked at the microchip's intricate configuration of 479 components (that could be seen through a microscope) and said he thought it looked like an ariel view of Manhattan Island. His suggestion was the winner!

The Manhattan circuit's name and function have endured throughout the years. It has evoked to take advantage of aggresive innovations in integrated circuit technology. It is now known as the Manhattan II. It fits in all shell models, including the tiny CIC (completely-in-the-canal) hearing instruments. In addition to the Manhattan II circuit, Argosy also offers Power Manhattan II, a high powered circuit for individuals with severe hearing loss.

OnQue Two-Channel Compression Instrument
The Onque is an instrument that offers the ability to adjust compression seperately in the high and low frequencies. In addition, the Onque uses a compression algorithm that makes a wider range of sounds in the environment sound more natural to the listener.

This flexibility gives your hearing health professional extensive fine-tuning capabilities to better fit your hearing loss and make the world sound more natural!

The OnQue circuit is available in all shell models.

Click here to learn more about compression and how it helps you hear better!

High Band Hearing Instruments
The High Band instruments are designed for those with hearing loss limited to the high frequencies
High band instruments help if you hear, but have trouble with clarity, by providing amplification for high frequencies where many of the important speech cues are.
High band instruments amplify treble tones, but not bass tones (amplification of the bass tones may drown out the treble tones. You can compare it to the notes on a piano - the bass tones are louder than the treble tones).

The High Band circuit is available in models sized from ITC (in-the-canal) instruments to ITE (in-the-ear) instruments.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Instruments
BTE hearing instruments are designed for those with more severe hearing impairments or those with medical conditions present in the ear canal.
BTEs are able to provide more power than custom instruments, because the microphone is located outside the ear and are therefore much less susceptible to feedback, or whistling, when providing a lot of amplification.
In addition, BTEs are located behind the ear, and not inside the ear, and the circuitry will not be damaged by ear conditions that cause moisture or drainage from the ear canal.

Argosy's BTE line includes a number of models that vary in terms of power, circuit options, and control options. Your hearing health professional will help you determine whether a BTE is appropriate for you and which model will best help you.

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