Hearing Instrument Shells

Argosy was an early pioneer in the first in-the-canal hearing instruments. We have been in continuous production of canal hearing instrument products longer than any other US manufacturer.

The outer shell (casing) for your Argosy hearing instrument is hand-crafted by skilled technicians. The experience of Argosy's shell fabrication department is known throughout the industry. The shell laboratory's top six employees have over 80 combined years of experience.

At Argosy, a comfortable fit goes without saying. Our success in this area is attributed to
- Years of attention to the important details of shell fabrication

- An awareness of the significance of a properly fitting shell

- Extensive training of new employees
Our continual search for better methods and improved technology assure that Argosy will continue as an industry leader in shell fabrication.

Hearing Instrument Models
The Argosy model you and your hearing health professional select dictates the physical appearance of your hearing instrument. The model options available to you will depend on the technology needed to address your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences The casing for the hearing instrument model you choose will be custom molded to match your silicone impressions. Argosy manufactures five types of models. You may learn more about a particular model by clicking on the model name below.

Completely-In-The-Canal (Cameo): virtually undetectable because it is recessed deep within the ear canal.
Canal Series (CCA): small size with an adjustable volume control.
Half-Shell (Eclipse): many of the benefits of a larger instrument but half the size.
Low Profile (Shado): a slim recessed fit.
In-The-Ear (Passport): our most versatile and economical.

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