Product Options
No circuit has all the answers for every person. That is why Argosy offers a number of options to accompany and enhance the fitting of our hearing instruments. Most options are available with specific circuits and/or shell models and you should consult with your hearing health professional as to which options might benefit you.

A few of the options available from Argosy are listed below.

Directional / Omnidirectional Microphone (Vector)
Addresses the challenge of listening in noise.
Provides two microphone modes, directional (focuses sounds coming from the front) or omnidirectional (hears all sound around the listener), in each hearing instrument.
The wearer switches between microphone modes to select what is best for his or her listening situation by using a push-button on the hearing instrument.
Directional microphone is best in noise because it fully amplifies sounds coming from the front while dramatically reducing disruptive noises from the rear.
Can be combined with many programmable and non-programmable technologies to meet a wide range of amplification needs.
Available in Passport ITE model only.

Soft Canal
Available only on CIC (completely-in-the-canal, Cameo) hearing instruments.
One-half of the instrument shell is cast in medical-grade soft UV-cured urethane.
Used to provide a more comfortable fit.
Helps hold the instrument in its proper position.
Improves telephone use.

Digital Magnetic Sensing (DMS)
Available only on CIC hearing instruments.
Allows the wearer to adjust volume with a remote control while his or her CIC is worn deep within the ear.
The technology for DMS is contained within the CIC hearing instrument.
The Remote is small (less than three inches long and the width of a pencil) and does NOT require batteries.
Argosy holds a U.S. Patent on this technology.

High Power Telephone Coil
Equips the hearing instrument to pick up signals from the telephone.
A push-button, toggle, or slide switch enables the wearer to move back and forth between a telephone and normal setting.
Available, as space allows, on Passport ITE, Shado low profile, and Eclipse half shell models.

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