Multisituation Hearing Instruments
The M2DG digital hearing instrument represents the latest and most advanced technology available in a hearing instrument to date. Digital processing of sound results in a hearing instrument with incredible flexibility and extremely low circuit noise. This means you receive an instrument that sounds exceptional and helps you hear more sounds more clearly than ever before!

Your hearing care professional also has more options and flexibility that help them to program the hearing instrument more exactly and more specifically for your hearing loss. This all results in a hearing instrument that does more for you and allows you to experience life on your own terms - not your hearing instrument's!

Digitally Programmable Hearing Instruments
Digitally programmable hearing instruments contain a computer chip that allows a computer to program how the hearing instrument functions.
Digitally programmable hearing instruments are easily adjusted by your hearing health professional in his or her office.
They provide a highly customized fit because so many parameters can be adjusted.
They also allow you to compare amplification options during the fitting. You can toggle between saved settings and choose amplification characteristics you prefer.
Programmable hearing instruments can be easily reprogrammed if your hearing loss, listening environment, or lifestyle changes.

Computer Software Enhances The Technology
Features such as single-click access to some of the world's most prominent fitting formulas are built into the programming software. Your hearing health professional can quickly program your hearing instruments. Once programmed, the only hearing instrument controls for you to adjust are the volume control, directional microphone or telephone switch, if so equipped. Programming is saved in your hearing instruments and in your hearing health professional's computer.

Argosy Has Four Digitally Programmable Products
Multi-Memory Quadrasound
The only technology of its kind in the world! Quadrasound provides a choice of four different processors in each hearing instrument. Quadrasound is available with four memories so you can choose a different program whenever your listening environment or needs change. Quadrasound is also available in a single-memory version.

Multi-Memory OnQue
A digitally programmable, two-channel circuit. It allows loudness and compression characteristics for the bass and treble sound to be independently adjusted. This provides extensive fine-tuning capabilities. The OnQue is available with four memories or in a single-memory version.

A three-channel circuit that provides independent adjustment of low, middle, and high frequency sounds. There are two processors in each hearing instrument: a linear processor or a processor that automatically adjusts the volume of the bass sounds as listening environments change.

Programmable K-AMP
This digitally programmable, single-channel circuit selectively amplifies treble sounds in quiet. When loud sounds are present, sounds are automatically adjusted to the amount of loudness you need.

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