Conventional Products
Advanced technology gives us better answers for most people who are hearing impaired, but there are a number of reasons why newer products may not be the best answer for some. Sometimes a person has a particular type of hearing loss that would be better served by a conventional technology or an individual has been using older technology and the transition to a newer type of circuit would be too great an adjustment.

Argosy maintains a line of conventional products for those people who will benefit most from them. Your hearing health professional will help you determine what technology will work best for you.

Linear Plus
The Linear Plus line of circuits are just that - linear (provide the same amount of amplification at all times).
Linear Plus circuits are based on Class D circuitry, which means improved clarity, low distortion, and longer battery life.
The Linear Plus 2 circuit is available for increased flexibility in fine-tuning low frequency sounds.
Linear Plus P is a power circuit available for those with severe hearing loss.

Compression Circuits
Click here for an explanation of compression technology and how it can help you hear better

WDRC: Single-channel circuitry which automatically adjusts the overall volume of the hearing instrument for loud sounds. Has expanded fine-tuning capabilities.
Input or Output Compression Limiter: Single-channel circuitry which automatically reduces the overall volume of the hearing instrument for loud sounds and provides expanded fine-tuning capabilities for the bass sounds. The loudness level at which compression occurs is affected by volume control adjustments for Input Compression. The loudness level at which compression occurs is fixed for Output Compression.
K-AMP: Single-channel circuit which automatically adjusts the amount of treble and overall volume.

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