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Argosy Product Reference
Argosy's hearing instruments cover a wide range of amplification and lifestyle needs.
Our product line includes both Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and In-The-Ear (ITE) models.
Argosy's BTE hearing instruments generally provide more power without being susceptible to feedback, or whistling. They are often purchased in advance and kept in the hearing healthcare professional's office. The instrument is fitted to an ear with an earmold that is custom-molded for each individual from an impression that the hearing healthcare professional makes of the individual's ear(s).

ITE hearing instruments are all custom built for each individual. We begin construction of your instrument after your hearing healthcare professional sends us your:
  • Test results from your hearing test.
  • Slilcone ear impression(s) of each ear.
  • Prescription for your hearing instrument model and technology.

Visit each section below for more information about
how Argosy's products can meet your listening needs!

Hearing Instrument Shells
The shell is the beginning of the entire process for custom-built instruments. The shell determines how well the instrument fits into the ear, how comfortable it is, and even some of the acoustic properties of the instrument! We at Argosy pride ourselves on being an industry leader in hearing instrument shell manufacturing.
Multisituation Products
Life isn't always the same, so why should your hearing instrument be? Argosy's multisituation products are designed to give the consumer options. Options to gain enhanced clarity when you need it; options for hearing better in difficult listening environments; options for living life on your terms - not your hearing instruments'.
Specialty Products
Hearing losses can be as diverse and individual as people themselves. Sometimes special considerations must be made to appropriately help people with particular types of hearing loss.
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Conventional Products
Sometimes, you need to fall back on a more conventional, tried and true technology to best address a specific hearing loss or need. Argosy maintains a line of products that allow you to access conventional instrumentation when you need it.
Product Options
Not all products are complete solutions by themselves. Argosy offers a number of product options that help each circuit to best meet your individual needs.

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