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Easily Address Diverse Listening Situations
Argosy's M2DG is a digital solution for better hearing in a variety of settings. M2DG provides two-channel WDRC processing flexibility with two memories. It is available in CIC through BTE models. M2DG can make a meaningful difference in your business and in the lives of on-the-go people.

Tailor Your Compression Strategy
Individually designate compression characteristics in each channel.
choose curvilinear or linear...slow/fast average detector or fast detector.
Curvilinear or Linear
When curvilinear compression is active, the compression ratio increases as input increases. When linear compression is active, the compression ratio remains fixed (past the threshold kneepoint) regardless of input. You can adapt the instrument to accomodate your patients' needs.

Average(Slow/Fast Averaged) or Fast Detector
When the Average detector is active, the duration of the input signal dectates attack and release times. Long duration sounds activate the slow averaged detector; sudden loud sounds activate the fast averaged detector. When the Fast detector is active, a fast attack and release time with a low threshold of activation is constantly engaged. Syllabic compression can be provided when the Fast detector is used in conjunction with a low setting on the Compression Ratio control.
Address Specific Needs
Provide easy solutions! With a single click of a mouse you activate...
Low Level Expansion to reduce gain at very low input levels (less then 40 dB). This helps to reduce circuit and microphone noise for people with normal or near-normal hearing in the low frequencies.

Feedback Reduction to reduce high frequency gain above 4000 Hz by up to 5 dB.

Power Boost to increase output by up to 5 dB and turn off output limiting at high input levels. This helps people that have previously worn linear instruments adjust to compression circuitry.
Zero In On Listening Comfort
Fitting adjustment parameters include...
Gain. Adjust the overall available gain. The Mini BTE adjusts up to 24 dB, ITE and Low Profile up to 18 dB, Half-Shell and Canal up to 24 dB, and CIC up to 18 dB.

Low and High Channel Gain. Individually adjust gain in each channel up to 27 dB in 3 dB steps.

Low and High Channel Compression Ratio. Individually set the compression ratio in each channel from 4.1:1 to 1:1.

Crossover Frequency. Adjust the location of the boundary separating the low and high channel from 800 Hz to 3000 Hz.

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