Why Two Hearing Instruments
May Be Better Than One

If you have hearing loss in both ears you could benefit from having both ears fit with hearing instruments. This is called a binaural fitting. Binaural fittings are NOT limited to people with a severe hearing loss. Wearing two hearing instruments instead of one has several advantages:
Better Ability To Judge Sound Distance. The ear closest to the sound receives the information microseconds sooner than the ear further away. This allows the brain to discern from where the sound is coming. For example, it can help you judge the location of an oncoming car you can't see.

Better Balance In Hearing. Wearing two hearing instruments means you will be able to respond to conversation on either side of you without positioning yourself so speech is directed at your aided ear. Since you won't need to lean into conversations to favor your one aided ear, two hearing instruments can be less noticeable than one.

Better Sound Quality With Less Power. Because sound presented to both ears is louder than the same sound at the same intensity presented to one ear only, the volume controls on two instruments can be set lower than if you use only one instrument. This makes for a much more relaxed listening effort and may extend battery life.

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